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Create your own life

  • Healthy living: how does that work in practice?
  • What is good for me when it comes to my health?
  • What preventive steps can I take to keep my health up to standard?
  • How do I find balance between unhealthy temptations and conscious, healthy life?
  • What long-term strategies can I use to reduce my symptoms?

Create your own life. Healthy food, building a natural resistance and a positive lifestyle, under your control: that is the basis for a healthy and happy life.

Just as I did. Through trial and error with creativity to create your own live. I call this the art of living – l’Art de Vivre.

As a health consultant / Naturopathe I invite you to find out together how you can create a conscious, naturally healthy and happy life.

Unfortunately, we increasingly hear the diagnosis of cancer. If that is the case with you, then I can assist you in this difficult period with, for example, massage.

About me

First of all, welcome to my site. My name is Mariette Dirksen - Valenberg.
In my career as a nurse, company nurse and labor and organizational consultant for a reintegration company I met always the same themes: concern for others, prevention, nature, and 'prevention is better than cure' and 'improve the world, start to yourself. "

I'm at the age of 40 moved to southern France. Here I have immersed myself in all sorts of perspectives on health and illness. T did Reiki I and II, I'm relaxation and massage specialist and have developed myself spiritually. In addition, I have specialized in risk management.
Furthermore I completed the studie Naturopathy / iridology, CNR André Lafon. The course is recognized in France, agréé par l 'APNF. In July 2013 I decided to start my own company called L'Art de Vivre.
After the search in my life I ended up in the "Tuscany of France" just above the Pyrenees. One area that offers everything that is important to me: space, freedom, tranquility, nature, purity, animals, honest food etc.

I believe in the art of living and creating your own life.