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Health coach / naturopath

Naturopathic therapy is a collection of therapies and treatments trying to prevent or sometimes even cure disease and complaints in a natural way and / or natural resources.
The approach is aimed at supporting or promoting the self-healing processes of the body, instead of directly treating the symptoms or the disease itself.
Natural medicine has a holistic approach off the client. It means that body and mind are interconnected and influence each other. Every person is unique, therefore naturopathy takes the man in his environment as starting point.
Important here is the resistance and resilience, vitality.
Naturopathy trys on a natural way to stimulate the self-healing capacity and support. The key word here is prevention!
Hippocrates (father of medicine) assumed that no diseases exist, only the sick. And “Nature heals itself.” A statement from him: “Your food is your medicine”.
Everyone can do a lot tot here health, think of good nutrition, water, light, air and movement ….

A naturopath is a health consultant who thinks with you how to improve/retain health and prevent  diseases. A physician, however, is about to see in general as someone who fights symptoms of the disease. This natural medicine is a complementary medicine and therefore a good complement to conventional medicine.

Health is thpexels-photo-medium (5)e sum of physical, mental and emotional harmony. Find balance in who you are naturally … Body, mind, social (family, work and friends). Basically THE natural lifestyle! A holistic vision of life.

And yet creates an imbalance, then it will express itself in physical or mental problems.

Together with U looking to fight the cause of the problems, rather than the symptom. Everything has a reason, so the disease. In our view, many complaints from the body attempts to stay as healthy as possible. You can collaborate better as much as possible with the body to reduce the symptoms, then you’re going to fight with medication against the complaints. Fight with yourself instead of against you.

Every human being is an ecosystem which is trying to keep in balance. This makes a disease not inconvenient, but just makes sense!
Naturopathy assumes that multiple causes of the complaint may underlie, therefore it looks at the broad capabilities to address the complaint. Prevention is a great thing, a healthy lifestyle for avoiding diseases and disorders, and this in a natural way! Natural Health!
L’art de vivre is aimed at people who look ahead and take their future into their own hands.
Prevention is better than cure.
As a Health Consultant, I will accompany you, when there are already complaints and advise and support in a preventive program.
If there are complaints, you can contact me for:
All kinds of physical / chronic symptoms, such as muscle and joint pains, injuries, infections, headaches, intestinal problems, allergies, candida etc … ..
Relieving pain, and all kinds of physical symptoms, mental overload. Recovery after surgery or recuperate from serious or chronic illnesses.

The health approach is appropriate for everyone, young and old, and thus for the 3rd and 4th generation. Of support during menopause, degenerative diseases to natural palliative assistance in the final stages of life. This natural care can be complementary to the regular care.