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Massages / Tachyon

The purpose of massages is to cleanse the body by promoting drainage of toxins, the transmission of energy or relaxation.
Massage has a beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system. It increases the amount of oxytocin and endorphin in the body. They reduce stress and better yet, encourage happiness. Research has shown that the number of bloodcells in the body increases by regular massages, which increases the immune system / resistance.

Massage can also be used to stimulate muscles that are unable to operate properly, for example, after immobility (as long bed rest or disease). After a massage muscles will become more flexible and improve blood circulation. And therefore less affected by injury, stiffness, joint pain, breathing problems, high blood pressure, high / fluctuating blood sugar levels and other stresses. Spiritual experience can give the feeling of  ‘more space in the head “. New energy, desire to pursue goals and a greater awareness of the body.

In short, a massage reduces stress; stimulates the feeling of happiness; increases the resistance; helps to reduce physical complaints; improves the balance between body and mind and gives you energy!

The proposed massages have by no means a therapeutic aim or any erotic connotation.


Swedish / Classic massagebodywraps_flowerbody
In this massage, the knowledge of western healthcare and aspects of Eastern philosophy integrated with a holistic approach. That means that man is viewed holistic, as a dynamic unity of body and mind (the body affects the mind and vice versa). Massage has a positive influence on the underlying organs, and the whole energy of the body is brought into balance. Cramped muscles relax, pain disappear and you will feel much more relaxed.

This treatment can be either preventive, to relax or to stimulate, but rather are used directed at a specific complaint.
Duration: 1 hr

Back, shoulders, neck massage
This classical massage provides muscle relaxation through manipulation of the muscles to loosen toxins ans get oxygen circulating properly.
Duration: 45 minutes

Energetic massage
A traditional relaxation massage incorporating long, smooth strokes to major musclegroups to promote relaxation, improve circulation of the live-energy and create an overall sense of well-being. The energy circuit opens and the energy can flow again.  By stress, headache, tiredness etc.
Duration: 1 hr

Intuitive massage
This massage provides relaxation and promotes wellbeing. Swedish and energetic massage techniques are used, in intuitive application.
The massage promotes body awareness and can contribute to the promotion of self-esteem self-acceptance. There is room for discussion, based on trust and respect. It makes you aware of the effects of stress on the body: stress, pain, abnormal sensation.
This massage is a blessing for body and mind and leads to relaxation and balance.
Duration: 1 hr.

Magnesium Oil massage
Pure relaxation for mind, muscles and skin!
Magnesium has many effects, it relaxes, restores and deacidified. Mg gives relief from stress, improve sleep and concentration; improving the functioning of muscles and nerves; regulation of the operation of more than 325 enzymes and improved oxygen consumption; good for heart and blood vessels; reduction of inflammation witch gives relief of pain and muscle spasms.

Back, neck, shoulder massage, 45 minutes
Body massage, 1 hour.
The Mg oil is massaged, you will be warmly covered for 10 minutes. Followed  with a light massage with warm massage oil. The magnesium oil of Zechsal is effectively no oil, but has an oily touch.
The oil is a liquid form of magnesium chloride and contains a high concentration of magnesium: 5 ml oil contains about 500 mg of magnesium. Magnesium is quick and effective absorbed by the skin, according the need.

Rate  Massage:

60 minutes : € 55
45 minutes : € 45


Body Care
Wrap Himalayan salt

The wrap is a pause of wellbeing and beauty for body and mind. Which helps eliminate toxins, to release accumulated tension and have a nourishing effect. This type of treatment also stimulates cell growth, moisturizes the skin and improves circulation. The Himalayan salt is also used in rheumatic diseases and joint problems. The skin is beautiful shiny and soft.

This body treatment is a strong detox (equivalent to 3 days diet).

scrub2The salt is mixed with biologic massage oil. This treatment is a peeling and a wrap simultaneously. You are kept warm for about 20 minutes. The pores and blood vessels dilate, wich facilitates the assimilation of the beneficial properties of the salt. In addition, heat is also beneficial to the body since it promotes relaxation, purifies the skin and facilitates muscle relaxation.
Then you will be gently washed with warm water, and we finish with a light massage.

Duration: 1 hour 55 €



The aim of this treatment is to increase the self-healing ability and expansion of consciousness. It uses Tachyon Energy, through the TLC bars / Tachyonized crystals.
Indicated for pain management, acute and chronic conditions.

TLCTachyon Energy is the first form having energy that comes from the zero-point energy, the primal source of the universe. For about twenty minutes, using only certified therapists available for Tachyonized crystals blasted focused on the painful area.
The crystals are reversed every thirty seconds due the inflow and outflow of energy. For example, toxins etc. to be detached and space is created to allow energy to flow and.

tachyon-poster.26934110_stdTachyon has an impressive effect on any living structure that is unbalanced and therefore into chaos (pain, aging, illness). Contact Tachyon leads to order, healing, rejuvenation and higher development.

The Tachyon treatment helps relieve the pain. This brings us to a life with more health, vitality and self-awareness. This massage is good for the following treatments: strengthening weakened organs, giving more life energy, the resolution of a disturbance in the body, relieve pain, faster recovery after surgery, chronic fatigue and inflammation. The optimization of organ function, detoxification, improve memory, improve athletic performance, improve meditation …

Tachyon Energy strengthens the self-healing ability.
The tachyon massage removes energy blockages. You receive a healing effect at all levels in the body.

Rate  Tachyon:
30 minutes: € 25, –


Tachyon cocoon

The TACHYON-cocoon is one of the most effective tools for balancing the body, mind, and spirit. It reduces stress as it harmonizes the emotional body. The Personal Cocoon surrounds you in a 3-dimensional, life-enriching sea of Tachyon. The specific placement of all the individual pieces in the Cocoon creates a very powerful, directed flow of Tachyon that facilitates profound balance and transformation.

This experience promotes integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies, leading to calm, and centered clarity! It not only feels great, it will also enhance any healing process that needs to take place at any level of your being.

The cocoon can be combined with other massages.
20 minutes : 17.50 €


Possible addition for your massage at extra cost:

You can do a program with muscle strengthening exercises.

You can also use the sauna.