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My Vision

The Art of Life

The art of living (l’art de vivre) is living your life consciously. By making consciously et preventive choices, to prevent or reduce physical symptoms, you can create a foundation for a healthy and happy life.

“A balanced lifestyle makes a happy life and is the basis for inner and outer beauty.” What I mean is  a healthy, bright and happy radiation. You have a positive attitude in life, you have a glowing skin, the right body weight for you, and you feel good in your skin. You can give direction to a conscious and healthy life:

  • living with and in nature: nature gives us everything needed to have a good life (think of the elements as fresh air, sunlight, water, and everything that the earth offers us)
  • Strengthen your immune system by good foods, regular exercise, avoidance of negative stress and thus a good balance mentally and physically
  • prevent nutritional deficiencies by eating a balanced diet. Organic products are the most pure. Prepare meals as pure as possible (steaming), no ready-made (industrial) products. Know what you eat!
  • have a balance in exercise and relaxation for example by exercising regularly and doing that what makes you happy!
  • take yourself in control and make informed and preventative choices that suit you personally and your body.



“You are what you eat” Everything you eat affects your health and your well-being. By consciously for what you eat, you create your life. This inner strength and enhanced and your personality. Listen to your intuition, stay close to yourself, you know what’s good for you. And that feeling brings you happiness. You can consciously deal with your food by:

  • Know what you are eating (nutrition) and taste conscious
  • eat organic fairtrade foods that are as pure as possible, rich in minerals and vitamins, no chemical additives and treatments etc .. … And of course the proper required nutrients like proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the right proportions
  • your daily diet with supplements, if needed to complete your diet. These supplements as supplement shortages that occur in our society. With the aim of optimizing the body and thus build up a good resistance / immunity, to prevent all kinds of (welfare)diseases
  • Listen to your body. Recognition of the right amount of calories, tailored to your needs and exercise.


Positive MindMariette2

“With an open mind you will experience the lessons that life you offers” Your thoughts determine to a large extent your daily actions. It affects the structure of your life, your lifestyle. You can achieve a lot by:

  • Positive thoughts. Your thoughts determine much of your feelings and are the basis for the choices you make. It starts with awareness. Sometimes slightly different thinking, a view from a different (positive) perspective on your behavior, can work very well. This will be transalted in a good health.
  • Enjoy, openness, and the feeling of being complete, which can positive effect physically and psychologically. If you recognize your emotions and feelings, you can be the manager yourself of your health: you create your own life.