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Just like humans, animals can be approached / treated in a natural way. All this with the aim of activating and / or supporting the self-healing ability.
That is why I followed the Course Natural Healthcare for Animals at the Sorag Academy.

And why it is important to follow your heart in life, I like to support people and animals!

Animals are a mirror of our soul. They can take over complaints, feel tensions and are charged with all kinds of current loads and the so-called lifestyle diseases (for eample: osteoarthritis, dementia, digestive problems, cancer and stress).

This approach is complementary to regular care. If your animal is already under treatment, you can just continue. Tell your veterinarian!

Possible therapies are:
– Bach flower remedies
– Schüssler Cell Salts
– Tachyon
– Massage / acupressure
– Phytotherapy

Consult: € 20
Follow-up (20 min.): € 12.50