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Massage & cancer

Oncomassage does not cure but can be a support during illness and recovery process. Recent studies (American) have shown that massaging people with cancer can improve the quality of life at that moment. By touching with attention it becomes possible to restore confidence in your own body. Symptoms such as pain, tension, nausea, fatigue, insomnia and for mental complaints such as loneliness and anxiety, stress and depression can decrease. There will be relaxation for body and soul.

The care massage is an evidence-based therapie: a scientific study on the effect of massages of cancer patients with the conclusion: massage is very effective as a method to help reduce anxiety, pain, fatigue, depression and nausea.

Massage can be done at any stage

During the treatment phase, when you are working on chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy. The massage relaxes and can give pain relief.

After the treatment phase, in the control process. This period can give tension and uncertainty. You may still have symptoms of treatment, such as poor condition, joint complaints, fatigue, hot flashes, little or no energy. The massage can support recovery and help to regain control over your body and life and make contact with your body.

The phase when you no longer get better, the palliative phase, is characterized by questions and uncertainty. How long and how will this last time look like? How do I stand after such a difficult message. Massage can be a moment for yourself in this time, relaxation and loving touch. A moment where emotions may be felt.

The massage itself: the first time a short intake will take place. The massage is adjusted to the stage, treatment, your condition and your demand at that moment.

The massage can take place in our practice or at your home. And will last an average of 60 minutes.

Costs: 1 hour: 55 €
Travel allowance: € 0.30 per km for more than 25 km around Esparron 31420