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pexels-photo-medium (2)That healthy nutrition plays an important role in the prevention of diseases is well known. However, many people will not be aware of their food and often they get not enough healthy food or a improper nutrients intake which can lead to physical problems or obesity. In addition, what is healthy for the one can mean an allergic reaction for another. Nutrition is very personal. Often we are not aware of this and we do not think about certain complaints directly with food. Examples include headach, muscle pain, fatigue or rash.

Certain nutrients are essential, which means that the body can not produce them itself, therefore they have to be absorbed by food. Think of certain proteins (essential amino acids), fats (omega 3), carbohydrates (for energy), vitamins (including vitamin C), minerals and water.

In our current diet we generally use too much carbohydrates and relative a lack of good protein, good fats, fiber, and the daily required vitamins and minerals. We generally take more unhealthy fats and carbohydrates than we use. In addition, many people move too little. The result of this can beĀ  overweight, fat deposits or chronic diseases.

There are too few macronutrients and micronutrients in our diets that we need in today’s stressful society to function properly our bodies (in our plot is barely zinc or selenium present).


– BACH FLOWER REMEDIESpexels-photo-medium (1)

Bach flower remedies were discovered by British physician Dr. Edward Bach. The drops contain the energy of flowering plants and trees. They help mental negativity to come and bring emotions in balance. There are 38 tinctures based on flowers and plants for the different moods of man.

The Bach Flower Therapy is a very gentle therapy without side effects. The therapy is suitable for all ages and everyone.



Phytotherapy is concerned with the use of plants and herbs in the treatment of the (diseased) human. Since the existence of mankind, herbs are used for disease and discomfort. And are great for balancing.

The herbs generalpexels-photo-mediumly work more slowly than conventional medicinal products, because they are less concentrated. This particularly applies to long-term symptoms/diseases.

Phytotherapy is a gentle form of therapy. Herbs are used in many ways, the most common applications are in the form of tea or tincture or capsules, and for external use in oil or cream.

For the gemmotherapy are mainly buttons and other fast-growing parts of plants used as young shoots and roots of trees and shrubs, with all kinds of ailments. The fresh buds are macerated with alcohol and glycerine. This gives a concentrated herbal tincture. Works well for chronic diseases!