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Health coach

The term Naturopath and Health Coach, I use interchangeably. It expresses the preventive nature of the naturopathe in my vision, and so as a health coach.

The first consultation is an anamnesis. Then, if desired, other consultations can find place for the drainage treatment and revitalization cure. At the end we can do the evaluation and prepare or making a plan for the future.
If necessary we can have in the mainwhile contact by phone, email or skype.

The naturopathy is based on three phases / cures
In phase one starts with aligning the body and mind, the preparation for the actual cleaning / treatment approach.  The first results can be: a light loss of body weight, improvement in psychological situation, an increase in the vital energy, motivation for the following stage.
In the 2nd consultation we uses one or more naturopathic techniques. This phase is the actual cleansing. The first phase is very important to prepare to deploy good this 2nd phase.
The 3rd step is devoted to revitalize and harmonize.
Revitalize by taking supplements if needed and perhaps changes in lifestyle.
And harmonize by anchoring the situation obtained.


First / anamnesis              :  € 55
Following Conversations :  € 25